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09 March 2019 - 12:32 PM
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Countryside – How It All Began:

It started with a dream and an unparalleled passion for the outdoors. Countryside Adventure Holidays was founded in 1993 to help people discover the kind of travel that truly stirs their soul. Today, as we dive into our 25th year of curating travel experiences for people, we have come such a long way. From just providing outdoor experiences, we’ve successfully built journeys worth taking. We’ve had tremendous fun organizing experiential, adventurous and offbeat holidays; tailoring a wider choice of travel destinations best suited to our clients, scoping out the best activities and creating all these experiences with flexible durations.

We strongly believe in “Outlive” – It is exploring that defines and adds meaning to our lives so that the next moment we experience, we outlive it! So, if it’s a relaxed holiday you crave, or an action packed adventure – we have something for everyone! Our key focus is to make sure that you experience the utmost comfort, feel safe and immerse yourself in a plethora of local experiences at each destination.

What We Offer You:

With places like Bhutan, Nepal, Himachal Pradesh, the Himalayas and Ladakh; or Mongolia, Iceland, South Africa and more recently, South America and Antarctica, we help you stop watching the world and really start seeing it! Come monsoon, the Sahyadri range is a beautiful sight; lucky for you, our campsite located at Rajmachi 14km from Lonavala in Maharashtra, is the perfect mix of breath-taking views, comfort, and adventurous activities designed for every group. What’s more, our experienced team members are true explorers at heart and are ready to share their love for adventure with you as you explore the great outdoors. One of the many things we take pride in, is providing an enriching journey for people of all ages – if you’re healthy, love the wild and possess a nomadic spirit, you’re ready to take on a life changing Countryside tour! Over the years, we’ve helped our guests have the best experiences of their lives through our services. Our trips take you to lesser-thronged places in the Himalayas to whisk you away from the monotony and fast paced vibe that you deserve a break from. We stay away from the mundane and passionately believe in venturing onto a route that’s “off the beaten path”; so, join us to experience all of this first hand and feel your spirit tingle in anticipation of an unforgettable adventure.

Every traveler has their own unique style, so we provide you with a range of options:

Fixed Departure Tours are guided tours, specially curated for people who would prefer travelling with like-minded people. Memorable travels are the true essence of what Countryside holidays offer and with a dash of luxury; we create the ultimate travel experience for you. Customized Tours enable you to choose your dates after which we design a tour around it. To help you decide better, we have two package tour categories: Classic and Premium.  These packages are designed precisely according to your needs, dates, and the duration that you’d like to stay. “Kidventures” is a specialized programmed designed only for children whereas “Freespirit” is a curated weekend getaway solution for the young and
the restless looking to “find themselves” among serene trails and idyllic views. We will, of course, give you all the suggestions and advice that would aid in making your trip one of the best experiences!